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Following up on yesterday’s 2010 map of social networking, here is a palette of The 28 Flavors of Online Conversation in 2010.

It is the full 2010 online Conversation Prism, created and regularly updated by Brian Solis and creative agency JESS3. I found this on Fast Company’s Co.Design.

As the caption underlines, the state of online conversation evolves and grows and so is this palette.

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Who sleeps with their cellphone? Odd question… This infographic by Flowtown will tell you who… and much more about the behavior of American adults as regards their uses of mobile phones.

How are adults using mobile phones?

How are adults using mobile phones?

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Let’s get back to figures and other more quantifiable elements of the web. ^^
Here’s a presentation on the future of the Internet by 2020 conducted and presented by Pew Internet Director, Lee Rainie, at Project Digital Capital Week National Geographic.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know in search marketing from last week, in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories.

Friday, June 18th
Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?
Search Seen As Biggest Single Winner Of U.S. Online Ad Spend In 2010 [Study]

Thursday, June 17th
Boston Globe Adopts Open-Source Neighborhood News Mapping Platform OpenBlock
Google Commerce Search 2.0 Means On-The-Fly Customization For Shoppers And Retailers Delight
AOL Dumps Bebo For Reported $10 Million

Wednesday June 16th
AdWords Now Tells Advertisers About Competitors’ Performance
Facebook Is A Major Video Ad Player And Zynga Its Secret Weapon

Tuesday June 15th
Twitter ‘Places’ Bold Move Towards Paid Search With Foursquare, Gowalla, Localeze, TomTom Ties
Zynga To Boost Asian Presence With $147 mln Investment From Softbank

Monday June 14th
Yahoo, Microsoft U.S. Search Market Shares Grew Fastest in May – comScore
Google vs Bing On Maps And User-Content Overlays

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A provocative Friday read from guest contributor Zeke Camusio, founder of Internet marketing company Happy reading and happy weekend to everyone!

My parents always told me that I needed to work hard in order to be successful. As I started growing up, I realized that not only was this not true, but the hardest working people I knew were always struggling and people who weren’t working half as hard were ten times more successful. This made me re-think everything.

I know a lot of rich people and they approach business very differently from the way most entrepreneurs do. Some of them work hard and some of them don’t, but they all work SMART. I know, you’ve heard it before, “working smart is more important than working hard”, but, what does working smart mean anyway?

A friend of mine explained this to me with only one word: “leverage”. He told me that rich people are experts at using other people’s resources and helping them benefit them from the same deals they do.

Other People’s Money
Successful businesspeople know that you don’t need your own money to succeed. A lot of people have a lot of money and they’re just waiting for the perfect opportunity to invest it.

Other People’s Connections
Let’s say you’re trying to get an appointment with the CEO of a venture capital firm. Would it be a lot easier if your partner introduced you to her?

Other People’s Ideas
Successful people get approached all the time by entrepreneurs with great business ideas.

Other People’s Time
Maybe you have the money, an idea and the connections, but don’t have the time to launch a new venture. Well, there are thousands of qualified people out there who have the time to help you.

Other People’s Experience
If you were to open a restaurant, would you rather do it yourself or with someone who already owns five successful restaurants in town?

Last But Not Least – Create Win-Win Situations
Just to be clear: using other people’s resources doesn’t mean that they’re doing you a favor. You have to offer them a deal that works for them too.

Successful businesspeople are connectors. They use other people’s resources to build great things. They see the full picture and put the pieces together. Learn from them and emulate what they do.

A thought provoking act. This is exactly where I draw the line between selfishness and business. Truth is, connectors are great at giving but it’s harder for them to take. I highly recommend reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, where he explains the three types of people who, once connected, can create a buzz, a viral spread of anything. The connectors, the mavens and the salespeople.
Which one are you ?

This post comes from guest contributor Linky van der Merwe, founder of Virtual Project Consulting and social media strategist. Linky is based in South Africa.

If you have chosen Twitter as one of your social media tools in your social networking strategy, then what follows may be applicable to you.

I want to share with you the 5 main benefits of marketing your business with Twitter and some tactics on how to do that:

Generate interest in your business in addition to generating traffic to your website or blog.
There are a number of ways to do so. First, create catchy Tweets. For example, do you sell a new eco-friendly product? If so, don’t just instruct people to buy your product, but ask for their feedback. Ask how it can help the environment. Then, ask your followers to forward information on your product to their contacts. When you have a catchy message and product or service, it is easy to generate interest on Twitter.

Make a sale.
Regardless of whether you sell a product or a service, a sale will generate income. By increasing visitors to your website, you increase your chances of making a sale.

Obtain feedback.
A great way to subtly increase traffic to your website or blog is to ask for feedback. By providing a link, you will not only get website traffic, but you will also get what you asked for, feedback.

Use Twitter to update your clients.
When connecting with clients, invite them to opt-in to your newsletter, or to your Twitter updates. You can share promotional codes, new product releases and so forth.

Use Twitter to hire help.
Whether you want to hire a full-time employee or outsource a project or two, you can ue Twitter to find qualified individuals to do the work.
Implement some or all of these Twitter tactics and keep using the ones that bring most results for your business.

Warm thanks to Linky for sharing her insights. Follow Linky on Twitter @virtualpm.
Would you have additional tips to add to this list ? Let us know !

Feel free to connect on Twitter, I’m @merrybubbles… Who are you ?

Today’s post comes from guest contributor Linky van der Merwe, founder of Virtual Project Consulting and social media strategist. Linky is based in South Africa.

Is Twitter part of your social marketing strategy? Here are 10 reasons why your business needs a Twitter presence:
1. Build authentic relationships
2. Generate traffic to your website
3. Bring qualified leads
4. The chance for others to spread your ideas
5. The ability to share your expertise
6. Build your brand
7. Give you insight into the “buzz” surrounding your company
8. Put you in front of high profile individuals
9. Bring you into the 21st century [Editor’s note: about time !]
10. It is FREE

Once you have created your keyword rich profile, with a nice headshot photo, it is good practice to customise your Twitter background. This can be done with free background services like: ,, or
For a paid background service, go to

It is always good to follow a balanced promotion approach, meaning on Twitter, you may share links to your blog/website, to your articles, e-books, your newsletter, online ezine, video. Tell your followers about upcoming webinars or live events. Find out what your followers want and interact with them, by asking questions, answer questions, provide value and retweet tweets that your followers will enjoy.

Create an action plan and by spending about 15 minutes a day, you can generate loads of traffic, leads and sales from Twitter and build your brand online.

Twitter tactics are part of the Social Media Strategy Linky recommends. You can download the template from Virtual Project Consulting.

Warm thanks to Linky for sharing her thoughts and insight with us.
Linky is @virtualpm on Twitter and I’m @merrybubbles… Who are you ?