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It is a given, mobile technology is at the forefront of our digital lives and, well, I for one spend most of my public transportation time tweeting from my BlackBerry. Correction: transportation time. [And here is the disclaimer: I don’t tweet and drive. I just quit driving a couple of years back, at least in Paris where I live now.]

Not only do I tweet on public transportation time but I also start and maintain conversations with transportation companies (airlines and train so far) across the globe when I happen to be one of their million customers. And of course, I do want my voice to be heard when I need to talk to them *AND* I want them to reply to me and find a solution to whatever issue I’m facing while in their hands. Of course, I expect all of that to happen in a timely manner too, given that our communication channel is a real-time wire – Twitter.

Three Real Stories – Cases
I have been able to experiment a few times the crisis communication dis/abilities of some airlines and of a train company over the past eight months so I’ve decided to share the stories to see how they constitute cases for various levels of crises. All of those happened over Twitter, on my handle, Merrybubbles. There will be three of them, like the three monkeys on the picture below (taken during a trip to Barcelona in January). Three Twitter encounters with transportation companies’ customer services. I will go through them in reverse chronological order.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Who? Where?
The first installment will be about Eurostar, zipping back and forth between Paris and London. The second one will take us to the marvelous world of Delta Airlines@DeltaAssist service while in Atlanta, GA. And the third one will see us onboard and on the ground with Cathay Pacific in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The series will start on Monday so please, stay tuned!

If you already have Twitter ‘tales’ with customer services to share, drop me a line in comments!

See you on Monday and enjoy a peaceful weekend all. Don’t forget to lend a hand to Japan while you’re in front of your computer – they still need us.

Ho ho ho… Merry Christmas everyone!

Did you know that the world’s biggest – literally – gift ever was the Statue of Liberty? Or that only one quarter of the gifts given and received yesterday will make it through to next Christmas? Or that this year, the U.S. average budget was the highest for presents and the Dutch dedicated the least cash for their gifts?

Here’s a visualization of data on Christmas 2010 Around The Globe by, the travel accommodation service. I found it on the site of Daily Infographic.

Click on image to enlarge.

Hello, it’s been a busy few days. I’ve been unable to post while travelling in the U.S.
Precisely, travel is the topic of this post. Not quite plain travel. Time travel.

The following video has been trending big time. So much that I learned about it on TV. I’d actually seen a few tweets, including by the HuffPost but wasn’t that attracted to read the content but when I saw it on the news (it might have been Fox or ABC, I frankly can’t remember) in DC this morning, I wondered.

So here is that footage. Look at the woman. 1929. Premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus. Is she talking on… a cellphone?

Hoax or not, it’s already been viewed 1.7 million times in 10 days. And probably because of the news coverage, it really peaked today.

Sofar, it has garnered 13 692 comments.

It was first posted on October 18th. As early as the following day, the footage was already viewed on a mobile device for the first time. And up to now, some 38 899 people have streamed it on their mobile devices.

In terms of population, men aged anywhere between 25 and 44 seem to be the most psyched by the mysterious time traveler. Gentlemen, what do you have to say to that?…

It is mostly trending in North America, but also the U.K., Scandinavia, Australia. Latin America shows some interest too but the most notable element is South Africa being tuned in more than Latin America, while no other country on the continent seems to be otherwise paying attention.

Looks like we’ve moved up on the ladder of spookyness: UFOs no longer rock. Time traveling is the new big thing. How many people are going to be scanning footage of street life at around that time now, in search for more evidence of the existence of a time traveler?

You tell me…

As I’m readying to go see my friend Teresa Herrera (yes, check that link, will ya?) in L.A., I wanted to share my discovery mood through this video. “Guy Walks Across America” went viral right away: it’s a man trekking from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge in 2 minutes.

Here it is for you to enjoy. See if you can spot places you recognize and tell me which they are.

This post is dedicated to Teresa Herrera 🙂

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Hello everyone,

Summer Time
How is your summer so far?
Mine’s been great. You’ve noticed I’ve taken time off from blogging. I’ve been moving around and now find myself a few hours and kilometers away — 9 hours, around 10 000 kms to be precise.

Free as a bird

Free as a bird

Where am I? Although this picture was actually taken in Santa Cruz, CA, last weekend, I’m now actually in San Francisco.

Places, people, stories: encounters
Meeting lots of people with great stories and visiting interesting places. This is mostly what I’ll be sharing here for a while, my stories from California and the Silicon Valley, until I head back to Paris.

So… speak to you soon, with my post(card)s from California. Just a little more patience, I’m taking a few more days and will be back sharing it all with you.

Hope August is treating you well, wherever you are. By the way, where are you?


Take a picture of your “Me-Time” and enter the competition to win a luxury weekend break for two, says Bingo Reviewer, the UK online bingo review site that I told you about last week.

Yes, THAT site which just turned totally utterly über social when it launched its redesigned look… Those guys are striking hard and fast. And you’re not dreaming.

The competition is open to all UK residents over the age of 18; prizes include a weekend break for two at the City Inn Hotel location of the winner’s choice in Britain, and an iPod nano. Just snap your “Me-Time” and you’re on !

A fabulous idea, especially since, much to my amazement, I was told that about 99.9% of Bingo players are women. Richard Sharp, the site owner surely knows how to treat the ladies (but hey, you could be a man too and benefit just the same!). “We… know that nearly all [our visitors] are hard working women and mums who love to play bingo and socialise online as a great way to unwind of an evening. Quite simply, our site is all about that rare ‘me-time’. We wanted to celebrate the re-launch and reward our visitors, by offering them a way to interact and share what is ‘me-time’ for them,” Sharp said.

For more details or to enter the competition, visit Competitions on Bingo Reviewer, and submit your ’me-time’ photo. Alternatively, check out also Bingo Review on Facebook and Twitter to get your updates.

Closing date for entries is midnight on 31st May, 2010.

Good luck !

PS: at HushPlush Bubbles, we surely like me-time AND plush places, aye aye !