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Long time no see.
I figured that after such a hiatus, you’d appreciate the quality (no, really) of this video… I mean it. It’s truly social savvy. Smart…

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Marketers – watch.
Parents – watch.
Geeks – watch.

Everyone – watch.

Because – “You’d better start upping your game!”


Following up on yesterday’s 2010 map of social networking, here is a palette of The 28 Flavors of Online Conversation in 2010.

It is the full 2010 online Conversation Prism, created and regularly updated by Brian Solis and creative agency JESS3. I found this on Fast Company’s Co.Design.

As the caption underlines, the state of online conversation evolves and grows and so is this palette.

Click on image to view full size.

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Results International is a leading corporate finance and strategy advisor to the global marcoms industry.
This is their view on the current phenomenon hitting the agencies landscape, morphing from PR/advertising/marketing/media/digital entities to Social and Engagement agencies.

I personally like slide 41 most as it literally slices up the various components of a social agency. We (my colleagues and I) like to call it an integrated agency.

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In case you have managed to miss it despite all the media reports around it, here is the footage of retired football/soccer player Eric Cantona quietly calling for a financial revolution. “Kill the banks”. OK. Maybe not so quiet but peaceful.

He is calling all French citizens to withdraw all their money from banks tomorrow, December 7th to literally send a message to the country’s leader(s).

There have already been reactions, namely by French Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde, who simply told Cantona to “stick to football” by way of an interview with the UK daily The Independent.

The call extends globally. So let’s see who’s in.

I like the candid approach.


Mobile is a theme dear to me. I strongly believe this is where the future lies. The series this week will be about mobiles and the use of them across the world.
I gave you a glimpse of the U.S. market earlier, via How American Adults Use Mobile Phones, courtesy of Flowtown.

Today’s post is a slide deck by Yiibu, called Sowing The Seeds – Unexpected Journeys Through The Digital Divide. It takes us on a worldwide trip around the use and status of mobiles, as well as the underlying trends and factors.

To find out more about 0.facebook referred upon on slide 96, you can read this Search Engine Watch article: Free ‘0.Facebook’ Mobile Platform Launches for Users In Poorer Countries.

Very special thanks to Rudy De Waele, aka @mtrends who made me discover this presentation. An entrepreneur at dotopen, Rudy is focusing on mobile 2.0 and beyond. He is the founder of MobileMonday Barcelona, Mobile 2.0 Europe, Mobile Premier Awards and Mobile Sunday.

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Happy Monday!

To start the week, here is an infographic by brandpilgrim , an innovative firm doing “visual thinking on culture, brands & social media.”

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