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Here’s a summary of what you need to know in search marketing from last week, in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories.

Friday July 9th
Consumer Watchdog Believes Google ‘WiSpy’ Potentially Logged Homeland Security Data
Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?

Thursday July 8th
While Twitter Search Booms, Facebook Grows On India And Indonesia As U.S. Slumps
Google “Confident” On Potential In-Depth EU Antitrust Inquiry

Wednesday July 7th
Foursquare, IFC, Huffington Post In Geo-Located Content Deals
Local Search On Smartphones Prime Lead Generator For Businesses [study]

Tuesday July 6th
Yahoo Upshot Blog To Create Search-Driven News Content
Twitter’s @EarlyBird Account To Feed Users With Shopping Deals

Monday July 5th
Skype Moves Near Facebook HQ To Consolidate Mobile, Consumer Electronics Segments
Facebook’s Face Recognition Tagging Feature Signalling Photo Search?

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Here’s a summary of what you need to know in search marketing from last week, in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories.
I’ve added comments to those entries with noteworthy performances. 🙂

Friday July 2nd
>> No article. Sorry folks, I had to be somewhere else…

Thursday July 1st
Google AdWords’ Discriminatory Behavior Needs Tweaking, French Regulator Says
China’s Baidu To Hire 30 Software Engineers On ‘Google Territory’

Wednesday June 31st
Former Facebook CTO Says ‘Google Me’ Social Platform Is For Real

Tuesday June 30th
Apple Won’t Deliver on July 1st iAd Release Despite $1-10 Million Entry Ticket [Report]
Google Stops Redirecting China Queries to Hong Kong Site In Hope For Licence Renewal
EU Request To Retain User Data From Search Engines Sparks Widespread Anger

Monday June 28th
Rumored “Google Me” Service Unlikely To Kill Facebook
Yahoo Management Shuffle Confirming Shift Away From Search And Into Content?
Never Mind Google, 16-year old Muqeet Is Launching Pakistan’s Dedicated Search Engine

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If ever there was still a need to prove the role of social media, here’s something for you.
Remember, back in mid-February, The Democratic National Committee was looking for a “social networks manager”. Now it is the turn of New York City to recruit its “chief digital officer”.

It’s a big role, integrating organic and digital understanding and capacity in marketing, PR, project management … just to name the main areas.
It involves targeting both NYC residents and visitors — namely tourists.

The person will also have to liaise with the whole bunch of agencies City Hall works with, in order to deliver seamless silky smooth digital content and strategies for the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I think it’s a great initiative and will be beneficial to the city that never sleeps. Great reputation management move.
In case you didn’t know, I ♥♥♥ NYC. No kidding.

So if you want to work for my ex-boss and ever so visionary leader Michael Bloomberg, you have a few hours left to apply.
Tempted ? Look here. Good luck !

Where do you live and what other city do you think should also hire a social media officer ? And why ?

Last week’s summary in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories

Friday May 21st
Buzzzy Adds Location Tracking To Conversation Search Engine
Google TV Brings Couch Potatoes And Marketing Geeks Together
“Get a Job Interview in 30 secs” via TwitJobSearch-Skype-Twitter Mashup

Thursday May 20th
Whitehouse Ticks Off Deputy CTO As Ex-Googler Bypasses Privacy Rules
Google Faces Oregon Class Action Lawsuit Over Rogue Data Collection
Optify Integrates Salesforce CRM into Lead-Generation Solution

Wednesday May 19th
Facebook And Zynga In 5-year Non-Exclusive Deal – Really?
Yahoo Buys Associated Content At Reported $100 Million
Free ‘0.Facebook’ Mobile Platform Launches For Users In Poorer Countries

Tuesday May 18th
Meltwater Barred From Sun Online Content As News International Steps Up Anti-Crawling Policy
Google Says “Failed Badly” On Payload Data Collection
Twitter Sparks Developers’ Ire With In-House Vs External App Dilemma

Monday May 17th
U.S. Q1 Online Ad Revenues Hit Record $5.9bn As Market Looks Up
YouTube Boasts Over 2 Billion Daily Views, Unveils Future Plans
Is Social Conversation The Future Of Polls And Surveys ? [Study]

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First, there was the Twitter bug that forced the chirpy micro-blogging company to set all follow counts to zero.
I happened to be on Twitter right at that moment and took a shot of Ashton Kutcher’s follow count at nil — ok, yes, Demi Moore’s gorgeous and fun hubby but mostly the one who’d challenged CNN on who’d have the highest number of followers.

The day after, there was the big news in the UK: David Cameron becoming the new country’s Prime Minister. Morale was down in many places… Look at this board post in the London Tube…

“We are doomed !” — pretty strong or what ?
Many thanks to Josh Weller (@joshweller) for allowing me to publish this picture here. His tweet went viral within minutes.
Warm thanks to Annie Streater for spotting the James Cameron bug !!

Have you ever wondered, in the end, what the words “buzz” or “viral” meant in terms of web ?

Yes, it’s exactly the same as in “organic” (yet another geeky term for “real”) life:
. “Buzz” is the word of mouth that turns a simple event/fact into an online gigantic tide.
. “Viral” is a piece of information that spreads, well yes, like a virus, and swells into a virtual tsunami.
Blunders or gestures made by famous people tend to instantly go viral: within a few minutes, or an hour, the whole world can see it AND comment on it.

Why did I decide to write on this, you say ?
Well, because this week, something happened in Haïti that perfectly illustrates my point. Have you heard of former U.S. President George W Bush wiping his hand on his predecessor, President Bill Clinton ? I almost put “supposedly” there but frankly, once you see the video, there’s not much doubt left.
… But I could be totally wrong. What do you think George Bush is doing ? Patting, poking,…. (what else is there?) Bill Clinton ?

You’re about to watch BBC footage that has been viewed over 700 00 times since it happened on Tuesday: now *that*’s buzz, that’s viral.

… Guess what ? This is not the first time President George W Bush is being caught red-handed (literally) with questionable manners: he already did it once on David Letterman’s show. Acutally, it wasn’t during the show but during a commercial break. Watch this, he actually… yes… is wiping his glasses on a woman’s top (a jacket, presumably) while she’s got her back turned to him.

When you’re famous, you’ve got to watch yourself before the whole world watches and judges you. When you’re famous, you actually make an impact on people so, again, watch yourself ! And you thought they’d know, right ?

Point made on viral and buzz. End of my virtual tissue demo.

So what do YOU think was happening in the Haïti video ?

A thank you note for those who contributed to World Water Day yesterday by clicking on the Social Vibe section.
As usual, there’s only one day per year officially dedicated to safe drinking water but it’s everyday that unsafe water kills people… more than Aids or war (see video).
Keep helping !