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Long time no see.
I figured that after such a hiatus, you’d appreciate the quality (no, really) of this video… I mean it. It’s truly social savvy. Smart…

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Happy Friday!

Do you remember the Old Spice guy?

Here’s a video that has been trending on YouTube since Saturday. Some 4 031 299 views so far, i.e. in less than a week.

Enjoy the video and have a pleasant weekend.

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Something practical and fun for a Friday post.
If you’re uninitiated to dim sum ordering, here’s your bible, your dim sum 101. I found this via a tweet by Avinash. As he pointed out, the last step on this infographic is the funniest.

How to order dim sum for the uninitiated

How to order dim sum for the uninitiated

Don’t know Avinash? He’s Avinash Kaushik, author, blogger and super analytics evangelist at Google. Some call him a “guru.” As always, he’ll be with Incisive Media‘s Search Engine Watch and ClickZ at Search Engine Strategies Chicago (or SES Chicago) this month.

Yay! It’s Friday. Here’s today’s light post.

Here are three flash mobs, two of them (the Swedish and NYC ones) being classics. I love flash mobs because they are often an expression of collective happiness. For those taking part, all’s been prepared but for those watching, it’s always surprising and amusing, albeit sometimes intriguing. Flash mobs are great vehicles of viral good mood and having them on social media supports helps spread the luv worldwide. I hope you enjoy those as much as I do.


New York Grand Central Station

San Francisco Gay Pride

If you live in the U.S., you may know about this ad, the Old Spice Ad. Those guys have been shooting a whole series of self-deprecating videos but mostly, they have been bridging the gaps between what you expect traditionally from ads to take them to another level. So what they did is to involve their Old Spice character into Twitter conversations and challenges. Watch those two videos, you’ll see what I mean and why Old Spice is trending high on the chirpy platform:

Taking on someone’s friend:

And… more recently proposing on behalf of a Tweep (i.e. Twitter user):

Mashable tells us the lady has said yes… in real life.

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I just couldn’t help sharing this with you. It’s World Cup-related, silly and fun. Especially if you have seen The Fellowship Of The Ring.

This goes to show the power of video and video editing… YouTube sure is banking on that option. Yes, it was all an excuse to tell you that: YouTube has launched video editing in the cloud. Don’t ask me what the cloud part means, hold it right there. What I (and you) need to know as (potential) users is that now it’s easy and at our fingertips.

Now here’s the explanation:

First, there was the Twitter bug that forced the chirpy micro-blogging company to set all follow counts to zero.
I happened to be on Twitter right at that moment and took a shot of Ashton Kutcher’s follow count at nil — ok, yes, Demi Moore’s gorgeous and fun hubby but mostly the one who’d challenged CNN on who’d have the highest number of followers.

The day after, there was the big news in the UK: David Cameron becoming the new country’s Prime Minister. Morale was down in many places… Look at this board post in the London Tube…

“We are doomed !” — pretty strong or what ?
Many thanks to Josh Weller (@joshweller) for allowing me to publish this picture here. His tweet went viral within minutes.
Warm thanks to Annie Streater for spotting the James Cameron bug !!