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Wondering what you can do to help Japan?

Simple. Here are a few options:

If you live in the U.S., you can text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Japan earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief (info via @RedCross). From the comfort of your cellphone.


If you live in the U.K., Save The Children has launched a £3 million appeal to help Japan.


Wherever you are, you can go to the Medical Teams website to donate or even propose help if you’re a doctor because there is a shortage in Japan.


For a web-based contribution, Mercy Corps has a batch of banners that you can embed to your website or blog to help collect funds. Just like this one:


Below is a QR code that you can embed to your website or blog, share on Facebook, tweet, distribute everywhere. It links to the Japanese Red Cross.

Link to Red Cross Japan

Help Japan QR code

Great design work by SET Japan.


You can please yourself by shopping on Etsy’s special page for Japan relief. Each purchase will generate a donation.

And finally

You can go to CNN’s Tsunami aid and relief page for more resources.

Please spread the word!

In case you have managed to miss it despite all the media reports around it, here is the footage of retired football/soccer player Eric Cantona quietly calling for a financial revolution. “Kill the banks”. OK. Maybe not so quiet but peaceful.

He is calling all French citizens to withdraw all their money from banks tomorrow, December 7th to literally send a message to the country’s leader(s).

There have already been reactions, namely by French Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde, who simply told Cantona to “stick to football” by way of an interview with the UK daily The Independent.

The call extends globally. So let’s see who’s in.

I like the candid approach.

Social advertising is always tricky. How efficient, how sticky will this video prove to be? What impact will the call for action have? … But let’s start with one simple question first: how do *you* like it?

Here’s a summary of what you need to know in search marketing from last week, in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories.
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Friday June 25th
Facebook In Early Stage Search Engine Tests?
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Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?

Thursday June 24th Relies On ‘Daily Pop’ Deals And Self-Curated Local Listings To Boost Traffic
BlueGlass Merges SEO/SEM firms 10e20, Search&Social, Brent Csutoras, Second Step Search
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Wednesday June 23rd
Bing Banks On Deep Contextual Search With One-Stop Entertainment Hub
Google Also Looking Into Music Service Tied To Search [Report]

Tuesday June 22nd
WordStream’s Free Negative Keyword Tool Weeds Out The Unwanted To Boost Click-Through Rates
U.S. Mobile Virtual Gaming Market Worth $168M in 2010 & Poised To Explode [Study]

Monday June 21th
Google To Launch Newspass Paywall [Report]
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3 Marketing Myths On TV Vs Online Video Usage [U.S. Study]
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by Professor Jennifer Aaker.

I’m *really* thrilled to introduce you to Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford University, CA, who wrote this post for HushPlush Bubble. Enjoy!

Two years ago, I thought social media and its applications were quite simply a waste of time. Who would want follow random people on Twitter, Tweet about grocery store experiences, or update their Facebook status to say they have a case of the Mondays? I thought: would I ever want to do any of this instead of:

  • enjoying the sunshine,
  • working on a research paper, or
  • talking to someone IN REAL LIFE?

With only one foot in social media, I was looking for a way out. But my husband, Andy Smith, an early-adopter of all things tech and geek par excellence kept me in. I saw him surf the space, learn fascinating, obscure stuff, sign on to betas of scores of services and meet fascinating new people. I thought there was a small chance I might be able to get just a tiny glimmer of the value he saw in the space, and though I was doing my best to hang on with an open mind, I was really just looking for a plausible reason to completely bail out.

It all changed for me in May 2008. I was teaching a class called Creativity and Innovation at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. On the last day of most of my classes, I summarize my ‘top ten’ list – insights I hoped students took away from the class. However, after many years of teaching, I finally realized my summaries were rarely ‘sticky.’ Few people seemed to get much out of them and it was just better to ask students what they learned. My MBA student, Robert Chatwani, responded that he learned to ‘reverse the rules’ to a greater degree, and shared a slide deck to illustrate how he and his friends and family tried to adopt that ‘reverse the rules’ philosophy during that semester. Earlier in the year, his best friend, Sameer Bhatia, was diagnosed with leukemia. He needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. Doctors estimated Sameer’s chances of finding a match at 1 in 20,000. Robert and Sameer’s friends and family took that challenge as simple and clear. If the chances were 1 in 20,000 to find a match, that meant all they had to do was register 20,000 South East Asians into the bone marrow registry. But they had only weeks to accomplish this goal. The story that Robert then told changed me fundamentally. He laid out how Sameer’s friends and family harnessed free social media – personal blogs, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Google Docs – as well as email and some traditional media – to get 24,611 South East Asians into the bone marrow registry in 11 short weeks. And among those 24,611 was a perfect match for Sameer.

This story changed me fundamentally; it became clear that – with a single clear goal, and an ability to understand:

  • the psychology of grabbing attention,
  • how to tell a story to engage others, and
  • how to design for openness (enabling anyone with will to act easily and nimbly),

…social media could be used for extreme good, in a way that is astonishingly effective. This story also has changed my family’s life. It has motivated the creation of a Stanford GSB case, a Stanford GSB elective, a book, The Dragonfly Effect that Andy and I co-authored as well as a business, Vonavona Ventures that Andy started to support organizations that take a hybrid approach to success.

Here’s the video:

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming book The Dragonfly Effect, Design For The Ripple Effect, due out this Fall. Many many thanks to Jennifer and Andy for this contribution and for letting me contribute my drop to their book.

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter, she is @aaker and Andy is @kabbenbock.
As always, feel free to connect with @merrybubbles

In my World Water Day post on March 22nd, I shared with you an inspiring and totally innovative live ad that was on display in Paris, at the Place du Palais Royal.

I’m thrilled to tell you today that the “Water talks” installation designed for NGO Solidarités International by BDDP won a Gold Award in the Outdoor Display category at the Cannes Lions 2010 international advertising festival.

Congratulations to the French agency BDDP Unlimited and its team.

Here’s the full video of the installation, from setup to display:

Here’s again what I’d captured ad hoc on my BlackBerry:

Here’s a summary of what you need to know in search marketing from last week, in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories.

Friday, June 18th
Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?
Search Seen As Biggest Single Winner Of U.S. Online Ad Spend In 2010 [Study]

Thursday, June 17th
Boston Globe Adopts Open-Source Neighborhood News Mapping Platform OpenBlock
Google Commerce Search 2.0 Means On-The-Fly Customization For Shoppers And Retailers Delight
AOL Dumps Bebo For Reported $10 Million

Wednesday June 16th
AdWords Now Tells Advertisers About Competitors’ Performance
Facebook Is A Major Video Ad Player And Zynga Its Secret Weapon

Tuesday June 15th
Twitter ‘Places’ Bold Move Towards Paid Search With Foursquare, Gowalla, Localeze, TomTom Ties
Zynga To Boost Asian Presence With $147 mln Investment From Softbank

Monday June 14th
Yahoo, Microsoft U.S. Search Market Shares Grew Fastest in May – comScore
Google vs Bing On Maps And User-Content Overlays

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