This is me, Liva — a global nomad, writer & journalist, media (traditional & digital) and reputation management strategist, social media addict… who loves travelling. I could sum that up by “digital and off-line content curator” and, no matter what, the “social media addict” and “love of travel” parts remain.

Oh wait, I’m also a Certified Coach. Yes.

Else, I’m passionate about the issues of contemporary urban nomadism and lifestyle.
Then there’s also Madagascar and the green + social causes.

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Please note [this is the disclaimer part]:

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  2. My aim is to aggregate and pass on as simply as possible findings and facts on social media.
  3. This site is intended for the use of companies as well as business owners who may feel Social Media is “complicated” but intuitively know it is the way forward in terms of communication, PR and marketing and therefore can use a little decoding for a lighter, user-friendlier approach.
  4. At all times, direct and indirect sources will be clearly cited, whether I find something on a page/blog/media or via a person/page/blog/media.
  5. Comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed as long as language and courtesy are the mother rule