T.I.M.E O.F.F.

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Branding / Content, Content curator, Far Away, Personal, Travel

Hello everyone,

Summer Time
How is your summer so far?
Mine’s been great. You’ve noticed I’ve taken time off from blogging. I’ve been moving around and now find myself a few hours and kilometers away — 9 hours, around 10 000 kms to be precise.

Free as a bird

Free as a bird

Where am I? Although this picture was actually taken in Santa Cruz, CA, last weekend, I’m now actually in San Francisco.

Places, people, stories: encounters
Meeting lots of people with great stories and visiting interesting places. This is mostly what I’ll be sharing here for a while, my stories from California and the Silicon Valley, until I head back to Paris.

So… speak to you soon, with my post(card)s from California. Just a little more patience, I’m taking a few more days and will be back sharing it all with you.

Hope August is treating you well, wherever you are. By the way, where are you?



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