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Yay! It’s Friday. Here’s today’s light post.

Here are three flash mobs, two of them (the Swedish and NYC ones) being classics. I love flash mobs because they are often an expression of collective happiness. For those taking part, all’s been prepared but for those watching, it’s always surprising and amusing, albeit sometimes intriguing. Flash mobs are great vehicles of viral good mood and having them on social media supports helps spread the luv worldwide. I hope you enjoy those as much as I do.


New York Grand Central Station

San Francisco Gay Pride

If you live in the U.S., you may know about this ad, the Old Spice Ad. Those guys have been shooting a whole series of self-deprecating videos but mostly, they have been bridging the gaps between what you expect traditionally from ads to take them to another level. So what they did is to involve their Old Spice character into Twitter conversations and challenges. Watch those two videos, you’ll see what I mean and why Old Spice is trending high on the chirpy platform:

Taking on someone’s friend:

And… more recently proposing on behalf of a Tweep (i.e. Twitter user):

Mashable tells us the lady has said yes… in real life.

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Granted. This is technical and we need some of it, time and again.
Point in case, here’s a tweet read earlier today from one of the people I follow (@boggles): “Interesting, my cousin looking for work in LA says most Community Manager jobs looking for people with #SEO knowledge”.

So here are the basics of search engine optimization, courtesy of DataDial. Click on image and zoom to full size to read.

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Social advertising is always tricky. How efficient, how sticky will this video prove to be? What impact will the call for action have? … But let’s start with one simple question first: how do *you* like it?

Here’s a summary of what you need to know in search marketing from last week, in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories.

Friday July 9th
Consumer Watchdog Believes Google ‘WiSpy’ Potentially Logged Homeland Security Data
Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?

Thursday July 8th
While Twitter Search Booms, Facebook Grows On India And Indonesia As U.S. Slumps
Google “Confident” On Potential In-Depth EU Antitrust Inquiry

Wednesday July 7th
Foursquare, IFC, Huffington Post In Geo-Located Content Deals
Local Search On Smartphones Prime Lead Generator For Businesses [study]

Tuesday July 6th
Yahoo Upshot Blog To Create Search-Driven News Content
Twitter’s @EarlyBird Account To Feed Users With Shopping Deals

Monday July 5th
Skype Moves Near Facebook HQ To Consolidate Mobile, Consumer Electronics Segments
Facebook’s Face Recognition Tagging Feature Signalling Photo Search?

Happy reading and have a good week !

Not digital per se but a discovery through digital buzz: turning Paris into a giant playground.
Light and airy… perfect for a Friday post.

Let’s get back to figures and other more quantifiable elements of the web. ^^
Here’s a presentation on the future of the Internet by 2020 conducted and presented by Pew Internet Director, Lee Rainie, at Project Digital Capital Week National Geographic.