Barcelona / Paris, May 4th, 2010 — HushPlush Bubbles and ESP Talent are proud to announce that they have joined forces to further broaden their respective European presence.

Talking about the alliance, HushPlush Bubble founder and content curator, Liva Judic, said the move will enable HushPlush Bubble to provide its readers with valuable content that will bring them job ads right on their everyday social media aggregator page.
“I am very happy that ESP Talent has elected to partner with HushPlush Bubbles to reach out to all digital, IT, communication/media, and marketing professionals reading our content. Inevitably, a number of the blog’s audience can be potential candidates for the jobs ESP Talent has to offer,” she said.

ESP Talent director Eleanor Bannister said: “The demand for internationally mobile professionals in the Digital, Media and IT arenas to mention just a few, means we are working across European borders to help our clients identify real talent. Partnering with HushPlush Bubble means we can help our clients realise valuable opportunities, and assist hiring managers access the right personnel. We are all looking forward to working with HushPlush Bubble – and to hearing from candidates.”

HushPlush Bubble is the dedicated social media blog of Ayna Partners, a company focused on enhancing the Human Capital of internationals, both on an individual and business level. Ayna Partners works with organic approaches like coaching, training and mentoring and at the same time harnesses the power of social media by providing curated content for digital supports, including its HushPlush Bubble blog.
Ayna Partners managing partner as well as HushPlush Bubble founder and content curator, Liva Judic, also writes for Incisive Media’s Search Engine Watch magazine, and is contributing to The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change, a book on social media good (due out in September 2010) by Stanford University Pr Jennifer Aaker and co-author Andy Smith, principal at Vonavona Ventures.

ESP Talent, a leading Executive Search Agency, is recognized for providing a bridge between Spain and the wider international business world for hiring, team-building, human performance and consultancy services, delivering results in all major sectors from operational to C-Level roles. ESP Talent’s specialist knowledge in recruitment, selection and team development, means that we understand and can resolve even the most complex resourcing projects while helping professionals with their next career move.
Given increasing demand from our clients to work at a pan-European level, we are delighted to be partnering with HushPlush Bubble, enabling you to access our international searches.

For further information please contact:

Liva Judic, HushPlush Bubble Blog –
Follow her on Twitter: and Facebook
Visit HushPlush Bubble:

Eleanor Bannister, ESP Talent Ltd:
Visit ESP Talent’s website: and follow on:


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