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A quick look at ‘where on earth’ my Twitter followers are located…

Compared to the previous graph, the spread has changed again to refocus more on the U.S., now even with the U.K., which had been heading last month’s spread.
It’s quite logical since content was retargeted towards that geographical area, especially with my daily Search Marketing News contributions on Search Engine Watch.

Let’s see where this takes us next month.

Last week’s summary in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories

Friday May 28th
Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?
Google’s AdMob Buy Gives Ticket To Mobile Advertising in Emerging Markets

Thursday May 27th
Facebook Unveils Simplified Privacy Settings, Pursues Expansion With Sharegrove Buy
Google Gave U.S. Economy $54 bln Boost in 2009
Apple Tops Nasdaq – Steve Jobs Finally ‘Beats Out’ Bill Gates

Wednesday May 26th
Anchor Intelligence Scores High In Traffic Generation And Overall Performance
BlogWire Launches Beta Of Community and Services
comScore’s Smart Control Tool To Revolutionize Digital Ad ROI Metrics?

Tuesday May 25th
Yahoo Targets Emerging Markets With Nokia And Koprol Deals
Twitter Closes API Doors To Third-Party Ads

Monday May 24th
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Responds To Mounting Pressure Over Privacy Issues

Happy reading !

If ever there was still a need to prove the role of social media, here’s something for you.
Remember, back in mid-February, The Democratic National Committee was looking for a “social networks manager”. Now it is the turn of New York City to recruit its “chief digital officer”.

It’s a big role, integrating organic and digital understanding and capacity in marketing, PR, project management … just to name the main areas.
It involves targeting both NYC residents and visitors — namely tourists.

The person will also have to liaise with the whole bunch of agencies City Hall works with, in order to deliver seamless silky smooth digital content and strategies for the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I think it’s a great initiative and will be beneficial to the city that never sleeps. Great reputation management move.
In case you didn’t know, I ♥♥♥ NYC. No kidding.

So if you want to work for my ex-boss and ever so visionary leader Michael Bloomberg, you have a few hours left to apply.
Tempted ? Look here. Good luck !

Where do you live and what other city do you think should also hire a social media officer ? And why ?

Last week’s summary in order of recency… Click on headlines to read stories

Friday May 21st
Buzzzy Adds Location Tracking To Conversation Search Engine
Google TV Brings Couch Potatoes And Marketing Geeks Together
“Get a Job Interview in 30 secs” via TwitJobSearch-Skype-Twitter Mashup

Thursday May 20th
Whitehouse Ticks Off Deputy CTO As Ex-Googler Bypasses Privacy Rules
Google Faces Oregon Class Action Lawsuit Over Rogue Data Collection
Optify Integrates Salesforce CRM into Lead-Generation Solution

Wednesday May 19th
Facebook And Zynga In 5-year Non-Exclusive Deal – Really?
Yahoo Buys Associated Content At Reported $100 Million
Free ‘0.Facebook’ Mobile Platform Launches For Users In Poorer Countries

Tuesday May 18th
Meltwater Barred From Sun Online Content As News International Steps Up Anti-Crawling Policy
Google Says “Failed Badly” On Payload Data Collection
Twitter Sparks Developers’ Ire With In-House Vs External App Dilemma

Monday May 17th
U.S. Q1 Online Ad Revenues Hit Record $5.9bn As Market Looks Up
YouTube Boasts Over 2 Billion Daily Views, Unveils Future Plans
Is Social Conversation The Future Of Polls And Surveys ? [Study]

Happy reading !

In case you missed it, UK research firm BCS has published a study showing a clear link between ownership/use of IT and happiness.

Sampling 35000 people globally, BCS found that IT provides people with an increased sense of freedom (+15%) and feeling of well-being. Life satisfaction increases by 10% with IT access, the study suggests.
Overall, access to communication devices was found to be the most valued.

Other research so far had tended to show the opposite, i.e. technology degrades quality of life as the frontier between work and private life becomes blurred with the use of smartphones and other such devices with constant access to the web and to email.

So what’s the deal? If you’d like to find out more, here’s BCS’ study, courtesy of Mashable.

Does access to IT infrastructure or ownership of IT devices make you happy and how ?

Today’s post comes from guest contributor Linky van der Merwe, founder of Virtual Project Consulting and social media strategist. Linky is based in South Africa.

Is Twitter part of your social marketing strategy? Here are 10 reasons why your business needs a Twitter presence:
1. Build authentic relationships
2. Generate traffic to your website
3. Bring qualified leads
4. The chance for others to spread your ideas
5. The ability to share your expertise
6. Build your brand
7. Give you insight into the “buzz” surrounding your company
8. Put you in front of high profile individuals
9. Bring you into the 21st century [Editor’s note: about time !]
10. It is FREE

Once you have created your keyword rich profile, with a nice headshot photo, it is good practice to customise your Twitter background. This can be done with free background services like: ,, or
For a paid background service, go to

It is always good to follow a balanced promotion approach, meaning on Twitter, you may share links to your blog/website, to your articles, e-books, your newsletter, online ezine, video. Tell your followers about upcoming webinars or live events. Find out what your followers want and interact with them, by asking questions, answer questions, provide value and retweet tweets that your followers will enjoy.

Create an action plan and by spending about 15 minutes a day, you can generate loads of traffic, leads and sales from Twitter and build your brand online.

Twitter tactics are part of the Social Media Strategy Linky recommends. You can download the template from Virtual Project Consulting.

Warm thanks to Linky for sharing her thoughts and insight with us.
Linky is @virtualpm on Twitter and I’m @merrybubbles… Who are you ?

Today’s post comes from guest contributor Janet Slack, Business Coach, Social Media Trainer, Consultant and Solopreneur Expert at Solopreneur.Biz

LinkedIn doesn’t get the attention and press that other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook do, but it is one of the most powerful despite the “lack of love”. There are more than 65 million members of LinkedIn and it is growing at over 2 million members every month. One of the most vital uses of the site is as a resource for learning about other people. Not long ago, people started to Google someone when they wanted to know more about that person. Now they Google them and then look them up on LinkedIn. Regardless of your field, it is now imperative to have a very strong LinkedIn profile.

Here are the important elements to a strong profile.

1. Professional headline
: this is the second line of the profile and is displayed with all your LinkedIn activity. Make sure to use keywords that build your credibility and describe how you solve your target market’s problems.

2. Photo: use a professional style headshot. No logos, casual pictures or photos with your spouse, pet or children.

3. Website: customize the link for your website to a short phrase that is appealing and will get people to click through to your site. Do not leave this as “My website” or “My Blog”.

4. Public profile: this is the URL address of your LinkedIn profile. Customize this by editing to your name or your business name.

5. Summary: tell your story and be interesting here. Do not worry about length, this can be as long as needed. Be sure to use keywords that describe your business and your target market.

6. Specialties: you must include this section for your profile to be considered “complete” by LinkedIn. Again, include those keywords.

7. Experience: this is what you have done in your career and your accomplishments, not just a listing of jobs like you might include on a resume. Include special trainings, licenses, seminars you have conducted, awards, companies you have helped, whatever shows your experience. The first item I have listed on mine is my Facebook page!

8. Recommendations: these are important on LinkedIn, especially if you don’t have any. Get at least 3 other LinkedIn members to write about you and your work. The best recommendations come from someone related to your most recent position.

9. Email address: include your email address somewhere in your profile as you want to encourage people to contact you if they are interested in your business. LinkedIn does not give you a standard place for an email address.

Many thanks to Janet for sharing this with us. If you’d like to take a look at her examplary LinkedIn profile, go here. Mine is here or you can click on the button on the right sidebar to follow me on any of my main online profiles: Twitter or Facebook.

Let us know what you think of these tips. Did you do all these ? How did you set up your profile and how do you like it ? If you’re a business, how does it fare in terms of lead generation ?