In the “Practical” series of this blog: an at a glance cheat sheet to help market to female buyers.
Remember, women are half the market and in the U.S. alone, they account for over 85% of all purchasing decisions (source: Mindshare/Ogilvy Mather).

Here are two approaches that echoed for me: the 7 principles for marketing to women — all applicable for social media and the 7 key underlying insights for marketing to women.

7 PRINCIPLES FOR MARKETING TO WOMEN – all applicable for social media
This comes from Dr. Bob Deutsch, a cognitive anthropologist and a founder and president of a strategic branding and communications consultancy Brain Sells.

1. Pattern
2. Authenticities
3. Quality – note this one, it is a strong driver
4. Connectedness
5. Society
6. Quality of life
7. Reasonableness

Read the full post by I ❤ social media here.

Then, you also need to be aware of the…

1. There is no “women’s market” there’s “your women’s market
2. “Brand Lite” isn’t the answer
3. Communicate differently: value vs listing features
4. Understand that she’s always watching — Women are great at detecting inconsistencies.
5. Respect her
6. Embrace high standards — Women are suckers for quality
7. Be willing to commit — the dreaded “c” word.

Read more here

Convinced ? Let me know your thoughts.

  1. I have the impression that the 7 principles for marketing to women are in fact taking on greater weight for men as well. Proof I supposed that women by and large are better endowed with the qualities required for collective preservation.

    I couldn’t help but notice that those same principles pretty well characterize the target customer for my company.
    It’s hard to make those principles leap out of the page and grab a hold of you !

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