A typical, light-hearted Friday post: quotes heard and collected on and off-stage. Unexpected, funny, geeky, … etc. Here’s my selection of 6 of them. Enjoy !

Most agreed upon, on and off-stage: “enough of social media… let’s call it something else” – Suggestions were mainly for “digital”

Most unexpected statement (and funniest): “Hello. I’m on my own, as always”, then turns his back to us. Eh ? I call them words of wisdom from a proud standalone at the Monday PM shindig while two of us were trying to be social as he was standing on his own (yeah, well) in a corner…

Geekiest: “The pub with the plug”, describing our geeky bloggers’ needs for chilling out and power connection — quench our thirst and plug our devices (mainly laptops and iPhones, if you must know)

Most tweeted single line: “Can anyone lend me his/her iPhone charger please ?” — a huge shortage apparently. Which practically raised status of the owners and lenders to semi-gods for geeks (I love geeks)

Gimmick: “Control is so 20th century” — Lewis PR COO Paul Charles, advocating for clear and up-to-date internal digital guidelines

Most personal – as it’s my personal branding line: I don’t do business cards, I connect to people and send emails right away. People were most of the time giving me the look, the bad one. But hey, guess what: another woman was doing the same… as blogger Josh Chandler reported: “I met Rebecca Hollis of Intuit yesterday, and she really drove home this message of “Not accepting business cards, and making a real-life connection with someone”. There, thanks Rebecca for the punchline !

Happy Friday everyone and thank you for reading my Friday mash !


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