Social Media World Forum kicks off in London in a few hours from now.

So, yes, I’m in London, staying with my friend Laura D. (thanks a lot for letting me crash !), ready for what promises to be a big day, regardless of the quality of the forum — which is what a lot of attendees are waiting to see: real added value or just a fluke ?
And aside from that first question, the program is indeed so vast that the ambition to just check every single thing is either an insane illusion or utter madness.

On my part, I’ve decided to focus on the Social Media section, including a) the exhibition to check for the latest developments just entering or about to hit the market; b) the conferences, c) the workshops where I’m hoping to learn a thing or two as well… and d) the networking shindig tomorrow evening ! When I say Social Media, I mean specifically as related to public relations, marketing and advertising.

Within those topics, I’ll be looking at social media “good” from a business perspective as in how it can be integrated as part of an overall business strategy rather than remain a stand alone, for non-profit activity.

Just a quick example: look at Mozilla. The latest version of its web browser is called “Namoroka” (pronounce “Namuruk”) after the name of a region in Madagascar (hence why I know how it should be pronounced: I’m partly from Madagascar and was actually born there. Yes, I do speak Malagasy). Mozilla actually supports the preservation of that area. But now, I’d like to know how this articulates itself into the bigger company picture and its business. So that’s one of the angles that I’m willing to explore.
How does it help the Namoroka national park to be associated in name to Mozilla ? What (and how) does Mozilla harness its web power to help that part of the world ?

Looking at design as integrated into Social Media will also be a focal point for me. I’m yet to define how I’d like to see that.

Anyway, here’s an update on the open list I launched on Twitter for those who are either just interested or coming to the Social Media World Forum today and tomorrow  here in London: I’m happy to count 98 people on the #smwf open list

To add yourself, simply follow the list at: or And please RT !

Again … if this post sounds cryptic to some of you, I strongly recommend you join Twitter altogether and start using it for pleasure, work, or information purposes. There’s a lot out there to benefit from, I promise.

See you later for the forum itself.

Social Media World Forum

  1. Liva Judic says:

    Hello, and thanks for your question. Actually, there’s no “better or worse”. Twitter and Facebook have different purposes and different timelines. It really depends on your objective and target users.
    I’d say for me, Twitter and Facebook are totally complementary.
    Let’s see how Twitter evolves… Today, there was a news article wondering whether Twitter was the next Napster. Remember Napster … ? There you go.

  2. georges says:

    Je trouve la coincidence sur Madagascar particulierement troublante: il y a des choses qui ne s’inventent pas.

    • Liva Judic says:

      Bonjour Georges, en réalité il ne s’agit pas de coïncidence. Madagascar en tant que lieu à préserver et soutenir semble davantage attirer l’attention de groupes et individus de la “nouvelle économie”, qu’on appelle en France “économie numérique”. “Old economy” s’attache exclusivement à se partager le gâteau… les autres font de l’intégration du social dans le business — et c’est justement ce sujet passionnant et novateur que je m’attache à explorer. Stay tuned !

  3. Do you think twitter is better than Facebook ??
    I’m not sure, i prefer Facebook :p

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