Have you heard about it ? Literally, the Davos of Social Media is set to take the stage at London’s Olympia next week on the 15th and 16th.

Quite logically, I have been alerted to this event through social media. This time, I received the information via LinkedIn.
I’m definitely attending, I have one pass. My hope is to be an official blogger and twitterer too ! Anyone to sponsor me out there ?

Enterprise Media Forum

The Social Media World Forum so far is not much talked about in France where I’m based although it looks like a big – pardon me, a huge – deal. I’ve spoken to them this morning and apparently, one week before the event, they’ve already surpassed the 3,000 participants mark.

No wonder, looking at the programs (because there are several running in parallel), I’ve no idea how to manage my time to cover it all: lots of big names and major players both from the so-called “old” and the digital economies are meeting up in one place to talk about and brainstorm on Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, M&S Direct, Monster, Mars, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic Airways, … you name it.

First, the main programs: Social Media, Mobile Social Media, Enterprise Social Media, Social TV, Cloud Computing.

Topics on the main program
– Examining the current state of Social Media
– Evaluating Social Media campaigns
– Building a brand using Social Media, including integrating Social Media into traditional marketing strategy
– Social networks advertizing and monetizationSocial Media and PR
– B2B Social networks: Social Media in business and politics
– The future of Social Media
– Niche networks, games and applications
… And those are only a few.

Then, there’s also what I call the fringe program: a set of workshops that you can get free access for.
Here are a few examples:
– Engaging with professionals: social media marketing, advertising and surveys
– What are Politicians doing in Web 2.0?
– Facebook Developer Garage – How to run a social campaign on Facebook.
– El Camino Technologies – Trends in Moderation and Support Services for Social Media
– Reputation Online – Are we ready for the future of social media?
– Looking beyond the social media hype
– Examining the real success factors of social media engagement, how to measure, evaluate and determine ROI and how to resource for success
– Facebook Developer Garage – The Viral Loop – what is it and how to harness it on Facebook

To access the full program, click HERE
To access the Social Media World Forum Europe page, click HERE

Social Media World Forum

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