Support charity:water – One click, one minute per day to change and save lives !

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Causes, Communication, Far Away, Inspiring, Local, Reputation management, Social Media, useful
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Social Media good. A one-shot cause seemed too little and short-lived.
So this quick note is to inform you, dear readers, that I’ve started supporting “charity : water” as of today.

You too can help me raise funds that will help provide clear water in poorer countries.
It’s one click away, it’s the box in the right sidebar below.
It’s easy, it’s free and with you can come back every day.
ONE CLICK, ONE MINUTE PER DAY to change and save lives !

Many thanks to the official sponsors: Sony (primarily), HTC, Dove, Timberland, Social Vibe and many many more

The causes are time-limited so keep an eye out for the new one when this expires. To remain informed, follow us via RSS or request an email update notification (see top right of sidebar)


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