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You’ll be happy to hear that after a few days away from blogging, I’m back with more long-range material on social media metrics from Facebook.
More precisely, it is the presentation Muhammad Karim, Mars’ Senior Brand Manager.

I’ve been asked many a time for a list of tools for measuring Social Media ROI. Look page 8, “Choose Your Poison”: it’s all — or mostly — there.
All yours.

Successfully Monitoring And Measuring Social Media Campaigns

If you’d like to read his original post on this, click HERE.

Please refer the two following posts for elements on social media strategy and metrics garnered from smwf: Top 5 trending and hot topics at #smwf 2010 and Clues from #smwf 2010 and Socrates to a winning digital strategy !

Have you ever wondered, in the end, what the words “buzz” or “viral” meant in terms of web ?

Yes, it’s exactly the same as in “organic” (yet another geeky term for “real”) life:
. “Buzz” is the word of mouth that turns a simple event/fact into an online gigantic tide.
. “Viral” is a piece of information that spreads, well yes, like a virus, and swells into a virtual tsunami.
Blunders or gestures made by famous people tend to instantly go viral: within a few minutes, or an hour, the whole world can see it AND comment on it.

Why did I decide to write on this, you say ?
Well, because this week, something happened in Haïti that perfectly illustrates my point. Have you heard of former U.S. President George W Bush wiping his hand on his predecessor, President Bill Clinton ? I almost put “supposedly” there but frankly, once you see the video, there’s not much doubt left.
… But I could be totally wrong. What do you think George Bush is doing ? Patting, poking,…. (what else is there?) Bill Clinton ?

You’re about to watch BBC footage that has been viewed over 700 00 times since it happened on Tuesday: now *that*’s buzz, that’s viral.

… Guess what ? This is not the first time President George W Bush is being caught red-handed (literally) with questionable manners: he already did it once on David Letterman’s show. Acutally, it wasn’t during the show but during a commercial break. Watch this, he actually… yes… is wiping his glasses on a woman’s top (a jacket, presumably) while she’s got her back turned to him.

When you’re famous, you’ve got to watch yourself before the whole world watches and judges you. When you’re famous, you actually make an impact on people so, again, watch yourself ! And you thought they’d know, right ?

Point made on viral and buzz. End of my virtual tissue demo.

So what do YOU think was happening in the Haïti video ?

A thank you note for those who contributed to World Water Day yesterday by clicking on the Social Vibe section.
As usual, there’s only one day per year officially dedicated to safe drinking water but it’s everyday that unsafe water kills people… more than Aids or war (see video).
Keep helping !

Today’s post is a walk in the park ! My role is merely to introduce two awesome presentations that were made at the SMWF:

Free Tools for Social Media (research and measurement), by Beth Granter of NixonMcInnes


The Future Of Social Media And Its Implications For Brands, by Adam Graham, Operations Partner of Saint@RKCR/Y&R.

For this latter one, I particularly liked Adam’s 4Cs of ‘brand intimacy’ with customers (yes, obvious reference to the 4C for diamonds …):
1. Culture
2. Conversation
3. Collaboration
4. Compensation

Hello !

Today is World Water Day.

As such there’s a viral social good campaign going on on Twitter: people are sending tweets to help charity:water.

If you want to have a look at the feed, click here:

Jack dorsey, aka @Jack, creator, co-founder and chairman of Twitter (as says his bio) has taken on the cause and tweeted it. From there on, predictably enough, news spread fast worldwide, with people passing on the message he sent out.

So to join this global movement, please take a few minutes to click on Social Vibe on the right sidebar: we’re being sponsored to help collect funds for charity:water — and it’s not just today, as you know.

Thanks !

To help, click over here ——>

Here’s a video of an art installation I just shot this evening at Palais Royal in Paris, France, for World Water Day.

The last and most personal one of my series of posts in covering the SMWF ! TGIF !!

I’d really like to introduce you to the people who I think are innovative forward thinkers and great to be around.

Top participant: Josh Chandler
At 19, he was by far the youngest blogger / influencer. And despite his post on the logistics of the conference, he was also, by far, the most upbeat, about smwf when most were disappointed. AND he also holds the record of the most helpful guy around, running from the conference rooms to the bloggers lounge to lend his iPhone charger to bloggers he’d never met before.

Top brand name and product discovery: wtfJeans ! A line of jean’s specifically designed for geeks, it keeps your stuff (all of it) snug :). A great idea by Sanja Rastovac who’s also a blogger.
Sanja is the girl with the red hair and the great ideas: her business card is half the size of yours (not mine, obviously, since I don’t do biz cards) and says “Remember me , I’m the one with red hair!”. Then there are 2 keys, one “delete” and another “save”. The perfect geeky girl statement. I LOVE it !

Friendliest exhibitors: the Viadeo team.
Yes, it is another online social/professional network but its focus markets are the southern ones. Smart thinking. They have properly staffed their stand with 4 people (5 at times) and offered daily sweepstakes for a magnum of Moët & Chandon champagne … and had huge, I mean HUGE, — erm… shall I call them vase-like containers ? — huge containers filled with sweets and lollipops (lollies as they say in the UK) of all sorts.
On top of that, I had the opportunity to talk business with them. I’m actually on their network and well, as you may have noticed, the code of the share button for Viadeo was corrupted and I had to tell them… They thanked me with even more sweets (how old am I, exactly again ?).
—> A special mention to Wayne Gibbins (@waynegibbins) who’s currently on some beach in Asia (it’s ok for some, eh ?) and Rosveisa Curioca (@Rosveisa) their über multi-cultural and social girl. You guys are definitely good at socializing on and off line !!

Multi-lingual blogger Karin Aldea put me to shame. I can speak a few languages but have elected to blog in English. She, on the other hand, tweets and blogs in three languages: English, Hebrew and… not sure about the third one but I think it’s French, eh oui ! She came all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Am impressed.

Finally, an impromptu group of bloggers formed at smwf at the “bloggers lounge”, as the first day was drawing to an end.

I’d spoken to Chloe Nicholls, aka @ThatGirl_Chloe on Twitter but not seen her. She recognized my smile as she came and sat next to me at the lounge.
Sanja I’d met in the morning as I was trying to get connected to the more-than-unreliable wifi juice. She sat there too at the end of the first afternoon.
Nichola Stott was typing away all day and I sort of just walked up to her and started chit chatting. She is very very very much the dream professional and business owner. Her drive and energy are truly inspiring.

Then, last but not least as she’s co-moderating the SixDegs event organization issue with me on here, Hannah Keys, aka @hannahrohi from Skimlinks. Thank you Hannah for diving right in !

So there, see, I did have a good time.

And I networked as usual. This morning, Nichola sent out a really great #FF to me as “Multi-lingual and uber-social @merrybubbles is one kick-ass blogger.”

Thank you !

In conclusion: smwf wasn’t all that bad — thanks to the fringe happenings !

A typical, light-hearted Friday post: quotes heard and collected on and off-stage. Unexpected, funny, geeky, … etc. Here’s my selection of 6 of them. Enjoy !

Most agreed upon, on and off-stage: “enough of social media… let’s call it something else” – Suggestions were mainly for “digital”

Most unexpected statement (and funniest): “Hello. I’m on my own, as always”, then turns his back to us. Eh ? I call them words of wisdom from a proud standalone at the Monday PM shindig while two of us were trying to be social as he was standing on his own (yeah, well) in a corner…

Geekiest: “The pub with the plug”, describing our geeky bloggers’ needs for chilling out and power connection — quench our thirst and plug our devices (mainly laptops and iPhones, if you must know)

Most tweeted single line: “Can anyone lend me his/her iPhone charger please ?” — a huge shortage apparently. Which practically raised status of the owners and lenders to semi-gods for geeks (I love geeks)

Gimmick: “Control is so 20th century” — Lewis PR COO Paul Charles, advocating for clear and up-to-date internal digital guidelines

Most personal – as it’s my personal branding line: I don’t do business cards, I connect to people and send emails right away. People were most of the time giving me the look, the bad one. But hey, guess what: another woman was doing the same… as blogger Josh Chandler reported: “I met Rebecca Hollis of Intuit yesterday, and she really drove home this message of “Not accepting business cards, and making a real-life connection with someone”. There, thanks Rebecca for the punchline !

Happy Friday everyone and thank you for reading my Friday mash !