Spending too much time on Social Media ? Top 5 common mistakes entrepreneurs need to avoid

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Communication, Digital, Social Media, useful, Work & Career
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Social Media 101 for entrepreneurs. Let’s start the week on a productivity note.

Do you feel like you spend too much time on social media ? I definitely do, but then again, I’m an addict, I just love it… and guess what, it’s what I do for a living !
So I thought I would share with you the following tips from networking guru Ivan Misner: the top five common mistakes to avoid

1. Spending too much time on sites you enjoy and not fully evaluating whether that particular site is the most effective one for your efforts.
2. Going onto a site for “work” and then running down rabbit holes getting distracted by friends who may have posted something interesting or something that requires a response.
3. Not being able to properly define when it is more cost-effective to delegate certain social media responsibilities to someone else to handle.
4. Setting up a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page and then not keeping it populated–consistency and fresh content are key.
5. Forgetting that social media is about engaging in the conversation and not just about selling.

What other mistakes have you seen? Share them here.

  1. John Panico says:

    Nice post! Short but to the point. Items 4 and 5 were spot on.

    Other areas? Not knowing the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish with your social media efforts would be one.

    Not taking the time to automate for efficiencies, the result being you post the same thing manually to multiple sites.


    John Panico

  2. Great list! Sounds like this is one more place where SMART goals are helpful. 😉

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