Among the zillions of Twitter apps, there’s Tweetlevel, a cross-branded bird between Edelman and Twitter. The ranking tool is presented as “A nifty little service cooked up by Edelman and powered by Twitter”.

Cross-branding: Twitter and Edelman pair on Tweetlevel influence metrics tool

Tweetlevel allows Tweeple or Tweeps (ie Twitter people for those of you who still are Twitter virgins) to find out just how appreciated they are (unless it is their tweets ?) …

As explained on the page, Tweetlevel lets you measure your level of :
– Influence. What you say is interesting and many people listen to it. This is the primary ranking metric.
– Popularity. How many people follow you
– Engagement . You actively participate within your community
– Trust. People believe what you say

Based on those metrics and at the time I’m writing this, the two guys sitting atop the Edelman-Twitter chart are Pete Cashmore, aka “Mashable” (or @mashable on Twitter) and Ashton Kutcher, aka “aplusk” (@aplusk).
Mashable is a social media guru sharing tips and findings on his website and, well, do I need to remind you that Ashton Kutcher is Demi Moore’s hubby ?

So how do YOU rank ? Find out here:


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